Host Access Transformation Services (HATS)

IBM's Host Access transformation Services (HATS) allows users to create Web applications, including portlets, and rich client applications that provide an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for "green screen" applications. HATS allows users to create service-oriented architecture (SOA) assets using Web services that provide standard programming interfaces to business logic and transactions contained within host applications.

Information Consolidation via Operational Data Store

Information consolidation seeks to improve outdated and disorganized data storage/server spaces to increase productivity and reduce costs. The operation data store is a database that integrates data from multiple sources for operation reporting or data management. eWorldES helps clients realize manageable and secure IT consolidation solutions and tools.

Business Rules Enhancements

Business rules management is taking organizational computing by storm. It liberates the logic governing operational decisions from individual applications, where it had been locked within programming code — similar to the way database management liberates data. Business rules management delivers substantial savings in application time to market and total cost of ownership. We provide necessary information to companies so that they can use this to determine how to function and conduct business.